My thank you letter to MOTAT

Thank You Letter


Writing a Thank You Letter is a great way to show your appreciation, and 

gratitude towards the KPMG helpers who helped us at MOTAT!

In the space below you will write a Thank You Letter to your KPMG helper. You can use this presentation to help understand how to write a professional letter.


Your Thank You Letter needs to have a few things:


  • A greeting to the person you are writing the letter to! (Dear…, Hi!…, Hello…etc.)
  • What you are thankful for! (Thank you for…)
  • Two or Three reasons you are thankful (I am thankful/grateful for this because…)
  • A farewell, or goodbye!




Who is the letter for? What did they do at MOTAT? #1 what you are thankful for #2 what you are thankful for
          Miss Parrant Made my day amazing Making my day better Teaching me


Start writing here:



Pt England School 


Their name Miss Parrant

Pt England School 


Tuesday July 5th 


Dear Miss Parrant, thank you for coming with us anyways →My name is Jaxon and I am in Room 10 at Point England School. Last week on Tuesday, we went to MOTAT. I am writing this letter to thank you for being a helper on our school trip. My favourite part of MOTAT was the coding because it was something I was familiar with.

I liked how we got to fight because the coding in it was amazing, something I’ve never done before. Another part of MOTAT i liked was the trams because I got to learn all about them also I got to sit next to one of my friends

I liked how we went past the zoo and we had to pick people up and we learnt a lot. I really appreciate you helping us at MOTAT because it was a really nice trip and you made it even better.

I liked how our group got to learn history and play games at the tv place and with you it made it much more better


Yours sincerely Jaxon 

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