Month: October 2022

Happy Halloween

Hello today is Halloween I went trick or treating with my friend and his cousins!

I got tons of candy and I went to a lot of  houses.

I dressed up as Wally from Where’s Wally

Happy Halloween (if you celebrate it).

Niue Response to text

Niue – Questions

Use this article here to help answer the questions below, highlight the answer. 


1) This week it is _____ language week.

  1. a) Samoan b) Tongan
  2. c) Fijian d) Niuean


2) What is Niue often referred to as?

  1. a) The sun spot of Polynesia b) The Rock of Polynesia
  2. c) The tiny island nation d) The heart of the Pacific


3) Who was the first European settler to sight Niue?

  1. a) Captain James Cook b) Captain Jack Sparrow
  2. c) Captain James Busby c) Captain Hook
  3. i) When did he sight Niue?

→ Captain James Cook sighted Niue but was refused landing by the locals on                   three different attempts.

4) How many attempts did Captain Cook make to land in Niue? 

  1. a) Three b) Two
  2. c) None d) One
  3. i) Why do you think the people of Niue refused to let him set foot on shore?

→ Captain James Cook was the first European to sight the island, but he was unable to land there due to fierce opposition by the local population

5) What is the population of Niue

  1. a) 1,200 b) 16,00
  2. c) 1,600 d) 500


6) Why are the people of Niue considered to be New Zealand citizens?

→ because there wasn’t that much room on their island


7) There are more Niuean people living in Niue than anywhere else in the world?

  1. a) True b) False


8) Find one interesting fact about Niue and write it here:

  It is one of the least visited countries in the world.

Recount of immersion assembly.

This beautiful sunny day we had an immersion assembly at Pt England school. We had to sit down in the hall so that we could be told what we were learning this term. All the students were there. Before we saw what we were doing we did a karakia and we sang a song (lean on me). The theme of this term is Mana Tū Miter You.First of five was team 1. Team one was learning how to be a good friend and the way they showed that was with a play. Where people needed some help but then (superhero music play) Mighty hero arrived to help them and then mighty hero went away. They helped 4 people. Second was team 2 they did a shadow show of emotions. Team 3 was the third and was learning about emotions. Team 3 read a book called In my heart and they acted like emotions. Team 4 did a film about 5 superheroes that help people feel better and help people when they’re too afraid to ask. There were 2 green ones, a red one, a yellow one and a blue superhero. The movie was pretty funny. I really liked the movie. Team 5 was learning how to stick up for themselves and tell them to stop being mean to them. This term I would like to learn about self control. I would like to learn how to express my feelings. How to be a nicer friend.. I can already tell that this is going to be a great term. I feel like this will be an interesting term. I can’t wait to see what is instored. I liked the immersion assemblies they’re a good way to teach the students the theme of the term.