200 piece writing

This week I worked on a piece of writing that was two hundred words long before i was on 199 words then 201 words but in the end I got 200 words. This story is about the best food you’ve ever tasted I wrote about this food called mac n cheese bites if you want to learn more check out the writing below this one

Every time that we go to Garrisons at Sylvia park I always order the mac n cheese bites. The first time that I tried them was when my mum had some  friends and they were going to Garrisons for dinner so my mum brought me with her to Garrisons. Once we got to Garrisons I just ordered a pizza cause I didn’t know what else that I could get and then we waited for our food to come. After a while we got our food and I shared the pizza with my mum. Its taste was delightful. My mum went to go talk with her friend and then I followed her then one of her friends said hello to me then gave me a mac n cheese bite so I took one and it tasted exquisite! Its taste is cheesy but the macaroni inside of it is really amazing. So the next time that we came to Garrisons I told my mum if I could get the mac n cheese bites and she said yes so I got them and they were fantastic. If you happen to find one on a menu somewhere then I would recommend it to you.


One thought on “200 piece writing

  1. Hey Jaxon,
    Garrisons is a great place to eat, I always enjoy the food there. I think the last time I was there I had the cheeseburger, but the pizzas are equally good. I definitely know what I’ll be getting next time though, you’ve really sold me on the Mac n Cheese bites.

    The beginning of your writing is awesome, a little repetitive with the use of the name, but otherwise, I think it’s great. Towards the end, I lose a little track of the chronological order – remember that the purpose of a recount is to tell us about the events, and how you felt about them, unfortunately it’s not to recommend the food (even though I’m definitely going to try it). It can be tough to keep the focus on our purpose once we get on a roll, so try to keep reading it back to yourself as you go.

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