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Immersion Asembly Recount Writing

Today school starts back up which means that we have an immersion assembly at Pt England School. When the bell rang we all lined up outside of the classroom and then made our way to the hall. We got to the hall at 9:00. Once we got there we got into our lines and then we did a karakia and Lynette did mihi. The theme for this term is Make It Work. 


Before the classes started performing Mr Burt, Mrs Nua, Mr J and Mr Somerville did an item. They made the roof look like it’s leaking with a hose and they had a giant water tank filled with water from the leak. Mrs Nua was pretending to be mad at them for not fixing the leak. Then they got a syphon and went outside, filled up the syphon with water and then would suck up the water and make the dirty water inside come out and go outside. But that was too slow so then Mr Burt brought out an electric pump and used that to pump it out.


Then team one did a Movie which was about a dog named Max. Miss Shirley was the owner of max. Max liked to play outside but Miss Shirley did not like it when Max went to the neighbours house and dug holes. She went to go get the mail and saw this business and it said do you have problems with your pet then she called the number the the business named Sofa (solution for animals). She called that number and said do you have a problem with your animal and then they were thinking about what to do and then they thought of a cage with food and water.


Next was team 2. They were bored while they were eating their lunch so they thought what if we were superheroes with our own base. They were imagining what would happen if they were superheroes one had a base made out of wood the next had a base made out of brick and the last one had a giant pool and a tree and then another one came and said “what are you guys toing” they said were bored a we want something new here. She said “well we can ask if we can design our bays” and so they are going to design their bays this term.


Team 3 was doing a play. The play started off with them saying what if you were brought back in time with no devices. They started off the play with them changing into the clothes that they had under their clothes. They changed into caveman clothes and then they had to make a base and hunt their prey. She then knew how to make her shoes by wrapping a cloth around her feet. Then she made food but she had to make a fire. Once she did she made food and made a spoon out of a sea shell and a stick. Then she chucked out a net and caught some fish.


Then there was team 4. Team 4 has many problems that they have to solve but we don’t know what to do so we have to come up with solutions to fix these problems. One of the problems is that we don’t have anywhere to sit at morning tea and in the mornings. The second problem that we have is that there was no place to put their bags. The last problem was when there was no place to put the sports equipment at the end of morning tea and lunch.


Last but not least was team 5. Team 5 made a parody song of bob the builder which went point England can we fix it point England yes we can. Then he roasted Mr Moran by saying Mr Moran his hairline closed and then he roasted the rest of the teachers