NZ timeline

I made a story about the NZ time line for extension

This timeline explains the history of the world like how the earth was a mega continent called Pangea.

It has the topics about dinosaurs

Pangea splitting into Laurasia and Gondwana

NZ splitting from Gondwana

And much more if you want to learn more check it out


Jaxon inquiry project

This is my creative space project i had a lot of fun making this.

I had to make something to put outside of our class room.

You can check out more on other blog post.

The thing that I designed was a bench with a blue top and a white bar holding it up.

The mouse is a hammer cause that is something that you can build with.

You can control the player with the arrow keys.

Here is the link to the blog post for more details Link

Drone design (Extension term 4 Week 7)

Here are some designs of my drone.