Embedding Google Docs

Task description: Today we were learning about how to add different types of documents onto our edublogs. For this task I had to describe how to embed a Google Doc onto my blog. Below are the steps on how to add a Google Doc. I have also added a screen recording below to show all of the instructions.


For this activity you are going to show that you are able to embed a google doc onto edublogs. You will need to create step by step written instructions and then embed this doc onto your blog. 


Start your instructions here:

  1. Make a copy of this doc 
  2. write down all of your stuff on the google doc.
  3. Select the entire document then press ctrl (control) c.
  4. Go on to edublogs make a new post the press ctrl v then all of it will appear in front of you.
  5. Do all the other stuff like add a task description and tags.

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