Progress report

Kia ora my name is Jaxon today I will show you how I made this gif of ice melting and then the water evaporating.

The earlliest version of this ice cube was when there was a big black backdrop and words that said the lonley ice cube but then i abondon that idea.

At first I desind my ice cube in my cartoony art style but the I look at acual ice and saw they were pretty clear and so I canged the opacity of the ice besides the outline.

To make it look like its melting i just duplicated the layer and made it smaller and smaller and adding a puddle to it I made the puddle.

I added the sun and later some clouds then I added the avaporaion stage then there was a bit of steam at the end.

I made it turn into a solid to a liquid and a liquid to a gas and the atoms move faster when going into differnt phases the atoms go faster.

There is still more so stay tuned for that.

One thought on “Progress report

  1. Hi Jaxon

    Great animation using Photopea! Thank you for adding a blurb to explain what your animation is about. I can tell that you have a good understanding of the science theme this term. I liked how you used some specific words like ‘opacity’, ‘duplicated’ and ‘evaporation’ to describe what you did. Well done!

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