Month: September 2023

Film festival Jobs Extension (W9 T3)

Hello my name is Jaxon and I am in this group called Extension and I had this project where we had to make the movie. I had a bunch of roles during these 9 weeks of movie making.


Part 1: Animator

  1. I was an actor for one scene and it was to fake bang into a pole and then my little animation will pop up and it will say BANG.
  2. I was also an animator and as I said I made a bang animation but I made one more where it was this guy on a hand glider gliding down and then Wooooosh and then the thought bubble pops.

Part 2: Actor

  1. Even though it was a small bit the acting that I did was to fake bang into a pole. It took a lot of attempts just to film that because I kept looking into the camera. I learnt from this
  2. We finally got a take were it looked good but i looked into the camera so we just made a bang animation and me lying on the ground.

Part 3: Sound crew

  1. Me and Levi both were giving the job of finding music for the movie. We used YouTube Audio Library.
  2. We used YouTube Audio Library because they had free and not copy righted music.
  3. Levi had to leave to go to Māori practice for their performance on Friday but then me and John found some music and they were Bike Rides and Splashing Around.
  4. We liked those two songs because we both new the songs and really enjoyed it.
  5. Then I learnt how to add the songs into our movie.

Part 4: Editor

  1. After I added the music the film crew came back and they had more footage and I added it in to the movie what I had to do.

Finally: Look over

  1. Through out this entire journey I have found it fun and enjoying. Looking back at it, I liked making new discoveries and making new friends.
  2. When it started I knew that I would be an animator because I enjoy making animations.