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How to make french toast

  1. get a pan and put it on the stove then but the stove on medium
  2. put some butter on the pan.
  3. get a bowl
  4. crack 2 eggs into the bowl
  5. but a bit of milk into the bowl
  6. (optional) put a pinch of gowned cinnamon
  7. mix all the ingredients together
  8. (optional) cut some bread into triangles
  9. dip some of the bread into the bowl
  10. put the bread into the pan after dipping after a few seconds and flip with a spatula.
  11. (optional) put on icing sugar, maple syrup or both you could also add fried bananas

Tuesday week 1 holidays

Today I woke up got out of bed and made french toast and a Milo.

After breakfast I made my bed, brushed my teeth and got changed.

Then I had some free time so I just played some video games till 9:10.

At 9:10 the holiday blogging was up so I did that (here is the link)


after that I made another blog post I played more games.

Then I watched Pokemon till I made this blog because my mum is going to watch the news


hello today I made bonoffee

here is how to make it.

  1. get some cookies and put it in a blender
  2. blend the cookies till competently into a dust form.
  3. put some butter into a separate bowl then add 20 grams of butter
  4. put that bowl into a microwave.
  5. then add the butter and the cookies into the same bowl
  6. cut some bananas then put them on top of the cookies.
  7. put some caramel on top of the bananas
  8. make some whipped cream then put it on the caramel